Recharge and Detox Away the Stresses of Summer

Summertime, and the living is easy!

Except when it isn’t.

Research has found that people experience unique tensions during the summer months. Even when taking days off of work or school, most people become restless quickly. Americans simply don’t know how to relax. Studies measuring the quality of leisure time reveal that people are not having as much fun when they depart from the office as everybody thinks. They become anxious and antsy, as they aren’t used to simply being instead of doing.

Consider the other bummers of summer:

- If you have children, they are home with you instead of being off at school. And that means lots of whining about the heat, constant bickering and thousands of I’m boreds!

- Hiking, swimming, golf, frisbee, beach volleyball . . . are your muscles aching yet?

- Salt water, chlorine, sunburns, freckles, dark spots, dryness from the blasts of air conditioning . . . and all of this is supposed to give us glowing summer skin?

- Vacations are supposed to be relaxing, but rarely are. The packing, cleaning, organizing, planning, corralling . . . and then you get lost, wait in line, get in a fight, lose your wallet, lose your mind. Most likely you come back from your trip even more exhausted.

- Did you know that pollution is far worse in the summer? The still air allows smog to build up. And since it rains far less, the atmosphere doesn’t have a chance to get its own “shower.”

- There’s a lot of light, healthy, farmer’s market produce all summer long. But there’s also a lot of BBQs with all the fixings, s’mores around the campfire, deep fried obscenities at the fair, poolside 500 calorie margaritas served with chips and guacamole, vacation splurges, and, of course, summer’s best friend: ice cream. Hello summer weight gain!

- The change in light patterns can seriously impact sleep for many people, causing plenty of tossing and turning instead of blissful sleep.

The point of all this is not to depress you about summer. There is a lot of fun, sun and family time in the summer, but don’t feel bad if you still find yourself stressed. Cut yourself some slack! Stress doesn’t just magically melt away because June 21 rolls around.

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