Prince Harry’s Fitness Routine Exposed

With scandalous naked photos of hunky Prince Harry circulating the web, many are left asking, HOW did Diana’s sweet little boy turn into such a hottie?!

With toned arms and rippling abs, this isn’t your mom’s aristocrat!

So what exactly is his royal highness’ secret to his royal hotness? I mean, what sort of amazing fitness regimen can you do that that achieves such an overall perfection?

Well, for starters,  you can join the Queen’s Army. We can thank the British military for Harry’s 27-pack abs and perfectly toned bum, to borrow an English term. Several years of grueling training has sculpted the Prince’s body into a work of art.

According to the British military’s guidebook for physical training, Harry, a Captain in the Army Air Corps, would be at a Level 4 Fitness routine. That looks something like this:

Day 1
• Steady run for 30-40 minutes
• 2 sets of press-ups, as many as you can do in 45 seconds
• 4 sets of 15 squat thrusts
• 2 sets of sit-ups, as many as you can do in 45sec
• 4 x 15 dorsal raises (Lie face down on the floor with your hands at your temples and your shoulders relaxed. Take a deep breath in, lifting your chest off the floor. Hold briefly, then gently lower to the floor breathing out).

Day 2
•Rest day

Day 3
• 10-15 minute warm-up
• Alternate running soft, hard and then recovering, for intervals of 1,2 and 3 minutes (12min in total)
• 10-minute cool-down

Day 4
• Rest day

Day 5
• 10-minute warm-up
• Four cycles of circuit training, each cycle comprising 15-20 sets of the following exercises:
Twist sit-up (hands behind head and bring right elbow to left knee and then reverse)
Step-up with knee raise (Place a 12- to 24-inch-high step in front of you. Step up with your left foot, bringing your right leg forward and up and bending your knee until your thigh is parallel to the floor. Repeat with other leg
Triceps dip (up and down between parallel bars, all weight on your arms)
Walking lunge (long steps, low to the ground, holding weights)
One-legged squat (lift one leg up, slowly lower yourself to the ground with your other leg)
Dorsal raise
• 10-minute cool-down

Day 6
• Rest day

Day 7
• Brisk walk for 30-40 minutes or go swimming, cycling or rowing for 25-35 min

Now, if signing up to defend the United Kingdom isn’t your thing (there is that little matter of citizenship, after all), then perhaps a stop into the Los Angeles gym Firm Body Evolution may be in order. With a customized fitness routine and an assortment of unique, alternative fitness machines, you may be leaking your own naked pics soon.

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