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Do you know what you’re made of? Results are in the numbers, and we believe you should understand your body inside & out!

Our membership includes a monthly detailed In-Body Composition Analysis. This analysis provides useful metrics from weight and body fat percentage to Basal Metabolic Rate and Segmented Lean Mass. These comprehensive test results will help your FBE coach tailor a program specifically for you, down to the exact body part that needs the most work. Our analysis is one of the most comprehensive out there, so you can be sure that we are constantly tracking your progress to meet your each and every need.

Our Body Composition Analysis measures:

    • Body Weight – the number on the scale
    • Lean Body Mass – the amount of lean muscle in your body
    • Body Fat Mass – the amount of fat in your body
    • Body Water Balance – Intracellular, Extracellular, and Total Body Water ratio & measurements
    • BMI and PBF – Body Mass Index and Percentage of Body Fat
    • Segmental Lean Analysis – Measurement of muscle in each part of your body: Right Arm, Left Arm, Trunk, Right Leg, and Left Leg

I’ve got the results – now what?

After reviewing the analysis with your FBE coach, you may discover that you have a tendency toward a disproportionate amount of muscle in your legs or your trunk and arms. Genetically there are inherent tendencies toward more or less musculature in any of these areas. It’s true that you can’t “spot lose” fat but you CAN develop or maintain certain muscles by working them more, which is where our knowledgeable personal trainers come in! Your trainer will work with you to not only help you understand how your body works, but to also make sure the next analysis is an improvement!

Your overall composition helps us assess degrees of obesity, fitness, and really helps us customize a program exactly for you. Our rapid weight loss programs receive one body composition report weekly, which helps us to make sure you are losing only fat and water – not muscle. Keeping all your body composition components appropriately balanced is the key to staying fit and healthy!

We do fitness and wellness “right” – by tracking your results along your journey. Sign up now to get your body composition report today!